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"Itchy anus" may risk having "pinworms"

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Please be careful for  slotxo anyone who likes eating raw food. Without being cooked, such as sashimi, fresh shrimp, fermented fish, etc., which are becoming widely popular food today. It may cause you to face Itching of the anus caused by Pinworm It is hidden. If you do not want to experience these symptoms and feel annoyed by this Hello article, the doctor introduces basic protection from the tiny living things. Enter the body Let's leave each other together.

What is a pinworm?
Pinworm is another type of parasite in the intestine. And the human rectum They usually have a slender white body, about 6-13 mm long.

Causes of pinworm spread
Pinworms can enter your body that. May come from breathing Eating And exposure to worms eggs without your knowledge Thus causing the eggs to enter your body Until an adult pinworm incubates The female worms that are inside your intestines will then begin to lay their eggs again near the fistula. And make it itchy Until you have to put your hand to scratch in the end

Scratching the fistula can cause pinworm eggs to become contaminated with your hands. Which you may bring your hand to handle things without being careful Causing the distribution of helminth eggs And even more if someone touches that object repeatedly Or accidentally put your hand into your mouth again It may cause the person to get pinworm eggs into their body quickly as well. Importantly, pinworm eggs can live on many surfaces around us for a few weeks.

Initial signs and symptoms of pinworms
Some people infected with pinworms may not have any symptoms. To see a lot Or may reveal some of the following symptoms

Itching in the anal area often
Can't sleep
Discomfort due to itching of the anus
A rash around the anus
Worms and pinworm eggs were found in the feces.
Itching in the vagina
Have stomach pain
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More than that Pinworms are also common in children. Can be seen from Fistula itching is mainly because female pinworms lay more eggs than wrapped around them. Skin strips of the anus It may cause irritation to you or your kids.

How to protect yourself and protect yourself Away from pinworms
Medical treatment

If you have itchy fistula Severe Especially at night You should find some free time to seek medical advice immediately. To be diagnosed And maintain properly Most doctors prescribe a medication to remove pinworm eggs in your intestines or around your rectum. With most of the drugs your doctor may prescribe Is as follows

Pyrantel pamoate
Prevention and reduction of manual pinworm distribution
In addition to medical treatment Behavior modification in your daily life To prevent pinworms May be equally necessary Which you can do as follows

Encourage households to wash their hands first And after eating every meal
Regularly clean the nails. And cut nails regularly
Should not have nails too long.
Stop the nail biting habit
When itching of the fistula Absolutely refrain from scratching the area to prevent pinworm eggs from spreading.
Use heat to clean appliances.
Avoid shaking Or brush the mattress To prevent the spread of pinworm eggs
Always wash your body thoroughly after returning from outside activities.
Vacuuming regularly Especially around the carpet, curtain, sofa
How to keep it clean by washing your hands with soap every time. Surely is something that should be done And always practice to be familiar In order to increase protection from other pathogens Another step from the surrounding things that you experience without knowing.

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