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Community convention

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Chapter I General
The first community is an interactive community created and maintained by The Qin Age of empires Organizing Committee (hereinafter referred to as The Qin empires).
Article 2 The community provides a variety of social network services. The purpose of these services is to create a happy, dignified and free home for the Age of Empires.

Chapter 2 Member
Article 3 Anyone who accepts the Community User Registration Agreement and this Convention and successfully registers is a community member.
The user name of the member shall comply with the rules of the community, and may not use words and symbols that violate the public order, infringe on the rights of others, or deliberately mislead others. If the member's username violates the community rules, the related rights are not protected.
Article 4 The dignity, freedom and rights of members are equally protected by the community.
The community can rank members according to certain criteria, and members of different levels have different rights. The criteria for such grading should be open and transparent.
Article 5 The points and other virtual property of the members are protected by the community.
In accordance with pre-determined and published rules, certain services and games may result in changes in membership points or other virtual property, and such changes are protected by the community.
Article 6 Members have the right to act and express their opinions in the community in accordance with community rules.
Article 7 The personal privacy of members is protected by the community.
The community should take strict measures to ensure that members' private information is not disclosed. Members' personal data and other private information may not be disclosed unless they agree or follow predetermined rules.
Article 8 Any act of a member shall not be punished unless it is subject to the provisions of the community rules that existed at the time.
Any member who is punished has the right to a complaint and to be decided by an independent and impartial body.
Article 9 When a member is damaged due to the violation of the community public official, he may apply for the acquisition of virtual property such as points as compensation according to the rules of the community.
Article 10 Members have the right to hold public office in accordance with community rules.
The application, selection, appointment and dismissal of community public office should be open and transparent, and subject to the supervision of members.
Article 11 Members have the right to know about community public affairs.
Community public affairs should be published in an appropriate manner to facilitate members' understanding. For matters that have a greater impact on members, members should be consulted in advance.
Article 12 Any rights of members shall not be limited to the same rights of other members.
Community rules can make specific provisions for these restrictions.

Chapter III Rules of Speech
Article 13 Members' speeches in the community (including but not limited to words, pictures, audio, video, the same below) shall not violate national laws and regulations. According to the "Internet News Information Service Management Regulations", members' comments must not contain the following contents:
(1) Violating the basic principles established by the Constitution;
(2) endangering national security, divulging state secrets, subverting state power, and undermining national unity;
(3) damaging national honors and interests;
(4) inciting national hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermining national unity;
(5) Destroying the state's religious policy and promoting cults and feudal superstitions;
(6) Spreading rumors, disrupting social order and undermining social stability;
(7) spreading pornography, pornography, gambling, violence, terror or abetment;
(8) insulting or slandering others and infringing on the lawful rights and interests of others;
(9) inciting illegal assembly, association, procession, demonstration, gathering and disturbing social order;
(10) Activities in the name of illegal civil organizations;
(11) Contents prohibited by laws, regulations, rules, local normative documents, state policies, government notices, public orders and good customs;
(12) Content that the community considers to be unfavorable to the community's ecology and may cause losses to the community.
Article 14 The comments of the members shall be in accordance with the rules of the community and the rules of the district and version.
Members should understand the topic of discussion and related regulations before the speech, do not publish statements that are inconsistent with the rules, and do not post comments that are not related to the content of the main post in other people's posts.
Complaints against others or community public officials should be published in the designated section.
Article 15 Members shall respect the intellectual property rights of others, shall not plagiarize other people's works, and shall reproduce and cite other people's works in accordance with the copyright license.
Article 16 Members shall abide by the community order and network ethics, shall not swear words, and may not perform acts such as swiping, malicious topping, malicious irrigation, etc. that affect others' reading.
Article 17 Members shall respect the privacy of others and shall not publish personal information such as the name, address, telephone number and other personal information of others unless they involve the public interest or with the consent of the parties.
Article 18 It is forbidden to publish advertisements or other content for the purpose of obtaining commercial interests without the permission of the community.
Article 19 If a member publishes a non-compliance statement in a community, the community public official has the right to delete all or part of his or her remarks and give appropriate punishment according to the circumstances and the result of the hazard.
Deleting member speech and penalizing members must give clear reasons and be based on community rules.
Article 20 Members shall be responsible for their own statements.
Once a member's remarks in a public forum are published, they cannot be modified and deleted by the person. Unless there are major reasons, the community public official will not accept the request of the member to delete his or her own speech.

Chapter IV Community Management
Article 21 The community promotes member autonomy.
In addition to the community's safety supervision, commercial activities, and the powers that must be exercised by the company due to legal and commercial obligations, other powers are reserved for the members' self-governing bodies.
Article 22 The community, the prince, the priest and the priest are the highest management institutions (administrators).
Organizations and personnel are allowed to be appointed and dismissed by the company, such as Prime Minister, Taihao, and Yushi Dafu.
Article 23 The administrative authority of the community is granted to the administrator.
The administrator was nominated by Prime Minister, Tai Yu, and Yu Shi, and was appointed to the admin “Great Metropolitan Governor” for approval (the first appointment was directly appointed by the admin “Dadu Governor”).
The administrator manages according to the rules of the community, upholds the principles of openness, fairness, and impartiality, and accepts the supervision of members.
The division of labor and organization of administrators is governed by community rules.
Article 24 The right to formulate rules for the community shall be granted to the parliamentary hall, including reviewing amendments to this Convention, reviewing community rules, reviewing the financial budget, proposing proposals to the Senate on issues arising in community decision-making and product implementation, and adopting other resolutions. Wait.
Article 25 The supervision of the community shall be granted to the Senate, including reviewing the amendments to this Convention, and adopting supervisory resolutions against other agencies to impeach community public officials who violate community rules.
The Senate is composed of 9 to 19 members of the elders. The veteran was appointed by the admin "Great Metropolis".
Except as otherwise provided in this Convention, the Senate shall pass the impeachment case and shall be approved by more than two-thirds of the veterans; the Senate shall pass more than half of the veterans in favor of other resolutions.
Article 26 The complaints and ruling power of the community shall be granted to the appeal appeal version and the complaint version of each district, including complaints between ordinary members, moderators, administrators (丞相, 太尉, 御史医生) and the veteran.
Article 27 Except as otherwise provided in this Convention, no member shall hold a part-time position in two or more community institutions.
Article 28 All community rules must be approved by the administrator to be effective.
Community rules are incompatible with this Convention. Disputes over whether the Community Rules and this Convention are inconsistent are determined by the Appeals Appeals Board.
Article 29 Any public official of a community shall not use its operational authority to interfere with the safety supervision and commercial activities of the community. If there is a violation, the administrator can suspend their permissions or be removed directly.

Chapter V Partition Management
Article 30 The community is divided into several divisions.
The establishment and adjustment of the division is determined by the station committee.
Article 31 The autonomy of the district is protected by the community.
All powers not granted to community agencies under this Convention are reserved for use by sub-districts and sub-divisional organizations.
Article 32 The zoning may establish rules to be enforced within the scope of this sub-area, and the zoning rules are ineffective against those of this Convention and community rules.
Disputes over whether the zoning rules are inconsistent with this Convention and community rules are determined by the appeal appeal version.
Article 33 The administrative body of a sub-district shall be established on the basis of the principle of decentralization and checks and balances.
Article 34 The rules and decisions of the divisions of other divisions shall be fully trusted and respected.
Article 35 The autonomy of the edition is protected by the community.
The organization of the edition includes the chief moderator system, the moderator team system and the version board system.
When adopting the chief moderator system, the decision-making power of the version belongs to the chief moderator. The chief moderator is applied by the member, the district administrator is appointed, the moderator is applied by the member, and the district administrator is appointed with the consent of the chief moderator.
When adopting the moderator team system, the decision-making power of the version belongs to the moderator team. The moderator team makes a decision by voting. The chief moderator is responsible for convening and hosting the moderator team meeting. Unless the votes are the same as the negative votes, the chief moderator has no voting rights. The moderator is applied by the member, the division administrator is appointed, and the chief moderator is elected by the moderator.
When adopting the version board system, the decision-making power of the version belongs to the version board. The number of members of the edition is 15 to 45, which is applied by the member and appointed by the district administrator. The edition committee should include representatives of all aspects of the edition as much as possible. The chief moderator and moderator are elected by the board of directors.
The choice of the organization of the edition is determined by the partition and is written into this edition.

Chapter VI Supplementary Provisions
Article 36 This Convention is the fundamental regulation of the community and has the highest effectiveness in the community.
The effectiveness of this Convention is limited to the internal community and should not be construed as having an impact on the actual rights and obligations of members or others. Any provision of this Convention that is inconsistent with national laws and regulations is invalid from the outset. The actual rights and obligations of members arising from the use of community services are protected and restricted by national laws and regulations and the Community User Registration Agreement.
Article 37 The amendments to this Convention, which involve the part of the company's powers, shall be revised and released by the company after consulting the various agencies and members. The part that does not involve company power shall be approved by more than two-thirds of the members of the Senate Square, the Senate, the administrator, and the official executive, and shall be released after approval by the Station Committee.
When the community order is seriously threatened or there are major obstacles to the implementation of this Convention, the company may suspend or terminate the implementation of this Convention and issue interim management measures.
Article 38 This Convention shall enter into force on the date of its promulgation, and the original community rules shall remain in force unless they are determined by the appeal appeal version to be inconsistent with this Convention.


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