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Defensive structures: Speculation and theorycrafting

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Considering the Trailer this is what we know so far:

1= Wooden gates
2= Wooden walls
3= Wooden towers/outposts
4= Stone gates
5= Stone towers
6= Stone walls
I would like to see upgrades for each age because it will give more satisfaction to evolve/upgrade.
I hope to see also many kind of gates rather than what we have seen in the past, just one gate limited to open/close - would be cool to see defensive gates with units dropping rocks,tar to the unit’s tryting to go through or gates with archers, crossbowmen or fusiliers or cannons in late age.
I like the idea to have towers patched to the stone walls but I also like to have stand alone towers like in the past. I hope that we can create/add those patch-towers to each piece of the wall (internally and externally).
I would like to see 3 kind of “patch”-towers (empty towers):
  • Melee - you can full fill with units who can drop rocks or tar - short range.
  • Ranged - you can full fill with archers, crossbowmen or fusiliers - mid-long range
  • Siege - you can build one siege weapon: ballista, catapult, trebuchet or cannon - very long range. Weapons can be destroyed and you can rebuild as long the tower and one siegeworkshop is up.
Let’s discuss!
A. What’s your expectations, what do you like and why?
B. What would you like to change and why?
C. What would you like to add and why?

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To me it seems like we get the “regular” AoE2 defenses, with more options for wall-placement.
The wooden tower seems like an outpost to me, while the stone tower does seem to have a new feature: it can be integrated into the wall. This was highlighted when only the tower collapsed at the end of the video shown last week. Another new feature is indeed the placement of units on the wall. The one unit per tile sounds fair.

I’m not sure how the melee “towers” would work. As in, I don’t see the purpose: the enemy can just go around them.

The water ditch is something that I like as well. But it needs to have a counter.
The same applies to the traps: it needs to have a counter.

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The wood/stone walls are obviously like the pallisade/stone walls in aoe2. I.E. not upgradabke from one to the other but rather to different types of defensive structures altogether.

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