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Usac's Civ Crafting Corner Part 26: The Romanians/Vlachs

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I know you think me crazy for trying to break the Slavic umbrella, but it pisses me off the most.
Romania is the story of the Vlachs of Moldova, Wallachia and Transylvania, but the first power of the area were the Avars, who are also represented. True Romania begins in the 2nd millenium when Hungary loses control of the area and a rather no nonsense set of kingdoms arise. They would be in constant war with the Ottomans. __
Romanians (565 on)
A Cavalry civ
  • Knights cost less in Castle Age, even less in Imperial

The Order of the Dragon was created with the pupose of defeating the Ottoman menace. Many Romanians, including Vlad Tepes (Dracul) were members. Sure, this bonus feels like it gets overshadowed by Berbers, but Berbers don't get Paladins and the discount before then might even be less.
  • Villagers get boosted armor

The fact of the matter is, when you need to fear constant impalement, you get defensive or die by getting impaled, or pierced. It's a nice bonus alongside Loom for a great early defense against DRUSH and FLUSH strategies. Moldovan military strategies were strict. Every peasant not armed to defend themselves was put to death.
  • Skirmishers fire faster

There is no super historical reason for this, the Romanians did use Hit and run along with Scorched Earth policies, however.
Team Bonus: Villagers carry slightly more food.
There was serfdom in Romania, effecting Gypsies and foreign slaves, such as Steppes peoples and Ottomans. The extra food may not amount to much, but farming will go that much faster.

Impaler – Think Shotel Warrior but slower in every way and more focused on slaying living units. Living units is a 'armor type' given to all priests, infantry, cavalry and archery unit, as well as trade carts, villagers and Petards.
If that's too insane, then it's an infantry unit with a fairly reasonable attack but the ability to impale to nearby units or the units behind it.
The Impalers of Vlad Tepes were feared by those who knew of him. Anyone who angered him, anyone too sickly to work, and anyone too lavish to care about his country would feel the wrath of a spike going from brain to groin... or the other way around. Technically, these weren't a military class, but the idea of impaling through the body was highly prevalent and darkly badass if not a bit too “edgy.” Still, fun for a UU.
UT1 Scorched Earth – Melee units get extra damage vs. Buildings. Siege get even more.
The style of many Moldavian and Wallachian fights was Scorched Earth with Hit and Run tactics.
UT2 Ispán – Castle Arrows impale like Scorpion bolts. Scorpions can garrison into castles to add extra arrows and heal up.
Castles such as Bran Castle, were amongst the most insanely engineered to fire bolts from Ballistae. Vlad Tepes had to escape a Turkish assault by escaping through a massive labyrinth and tunnel system. He was still captured and imprisoned even still. Ispán were those commanded castle areas in Transylvania, which at the time was a voivode of Hungary.

Tech tree:
Disabled Infantry: Eagle Scout, Tracking
Disabled Cavalry: Heavy Camel, Battle Elephant
Disabled Archery: /
Disabled Siege: Siege Tower
Disabled Dock: Heavy Demolition Ship
Disabled Blacksmith: Plate Mail, Plate Barding, Ring Archer Armor
Disabled Economy: /
Disabled University: /
Disabled Castle: /
Disabled Monastery: Theocracy, Fervor, Heresy, Faith
We're dealing with a civ loaded with options and a strong late game economy.
A great Imperial age... without the armor. Still, with cheaper knights to Paladins, your late game will still manage. Cost effectively, your paladins should still beat other paladins with armor provided the Imp Discount I'm thinking of (25%) is a fair value. Think Goth Infantry but for a unit that doesn't flood.
There's still excellent trash to use without armor. Faster firing Skirmishers and Halbs lacking only Tracking on top of the armor is going to make a difference. They are tied with Franks and Berbers for worst Hand Cannoneers, but every other cannon is pretty good, with FU for Tower, Galleon, and Bombard varieties.
*The Impaler might remind of a Shotel Warrior, but it can take a hit or two, isn't going to raid your Town Centers as well (even with Scorched Earth UT) and is even better countered by missiles and conversion. That said, they get a bonus damage against anything healable by monks (except farms.)
Camels and Cav Archers represent the use of Ottoman slaves/mercenaries.*
There's also every siege weapon. You might want to use those Scorpions backed by a castle if you need to save them. If it effected rams, you could get them some free healing. This civ might actually invest in the Medicine tech at the Monastery.

Architecture: Only the Russian/Slav set will work.
Language: Romanian was used by the Vlachs of Romania, Transylvania and in Moldavia. It's a sure fit.
Wonder: Nothing less than Bran Castle! There are many great fortresses, but Bran Castle is truly a masterpiece and a wonder for the ages!
Best Teammates – Nobody will hate the gather rate bonus by way of more farm capacity. It'll be less helpful for sheep, huntables and berries, but for farms, this bonus is great, even if the number is a mere +2. I'd suppose a Chinese ally goes a long way with even more food, and any of the workrate civs will be welcome as well. Persia will help late game when Plate Barding means you must kill archers first before -2 Pierce armor does them in... oh wait, Siege Onagers!


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Here's a hint: don't downvote just to prove your 'hypothesis' right.

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