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Gamestar Age of Empires IV preview english translation

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Some really interesting bits:
  • There are four ages, but not all civilizations will advance through all four. It sounds like Mongols are stronger in the beginning (possibly able to build cavalry early?) but can only advance to the third age.
  • Melee units will switch to torches when they're attacking buildings (so you won't have a knight hitting a building with his sword).
  • There are special and hero units of some sort. Mongols have Khan units for instance, and one of their special abilities is sending an eagle to scout an area.
  • The developer didn't confirm but did suggest that the Mongols move around the map like nomads rather than building permanent settlements.
  • There are the four traditional resources, but not all civilizations collect them the same way or use them the same way.
  • Height plays a large role, with ranged units having a bonus when firing from walls or high elevation.
  • Seems like we will have AoK style campaigns, focused on historical figures, with Joan of Arc as an example.
  • The interviewer asked if Asia and Africa are included but the developer didn't confirm either way.
  • The card systems of AoE3 and AoEO don't seen to be included in multiplayer.


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I like that they went the aoe3 approach with units attacking buildings. Was always a nice touch.

I figured the card system wouldn't be back and I am 100% okay with that. Not the biggest fan of the card system even though I loved aoe3.

I'm not sure how I like locking a civ to be awful late game and only good early game. I would prefer all civs to have the capability to play late game as it seems if you play against Mongols for example, you know to play defensively, survive their rush and harassment then win late game.

Hopefully we don't have to wait until e3 to get more info for aoe4.

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I'm so relieved about the campaign. The famous battles scenarios were one of my favorite things about AoK, the weird plot line that tried too hard to tie together various historical events into one story in AoE 3 was, consequently, one of my least favorite things about the game.

Also, it seems the age advancement mechanic is still in the game, which is good, but I still wonder why the English buildings in the trailer appeared to be at different stages of advancement.

Edit: Also, they really need to animate people operating the siege weapons, I mean Relic did it for CoH, the industry is well within the ability to program it without issues.

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Interesting information but I still have what is the “big” question for me.

The biggest change between AoE2 and AoE3 was the economy mechanics and that had the biggest impact on gameplay.

In AoE2 you has finite resources. Wood, Stone, and gold were limited resources but you could build farms for food. You also had to build resource deposit buildings. Games couldn’t last long and resource gathering and map domination were key.

In AOE3 they made many changes to this system. You only had 3 resources. Wood, food, and gold. Through mills, plantations, and factories all of these resources were essentially infinite. You also didn’t have to build resource collection buildings. Then there were the cards and shipments that could ship resources if need be.

We need to find out how this aspect of the game is going to work in AoE4. It’s the biggest driver of the game. We know there will be 4 resources again. Food, wood, stone, and gold but that each faction will collect these differently and their needs will be different. We also can see that there will be farms. That’s it.

So will the other resources be infinite or finite?

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